Baitfish Patterns

This fly is the renowned and go to barramundi fly. Tied on a Mustad 34007 hook you wont be dissapointed. This pattern was designed here in the norther territory to do one job, catch barramundi and does it outstandingly! This is my version, which is no different really, it is just tied with white rabbit fur behind the pink collar to bulk up the fly. This fly doesnt just catch barramundi, you can also catch a wide range of species on it such as mangrove jack, trevally, blue and threadfin salmon and a whole lot more!

The deceiver is a great all round pattern. I tie this fly with UV epoxy coated head and stand-out silver eyes that grab the fishes attention. This fly fishes well just below the surface making it very effective on tuna and other big pelagic species. Simply, with the clouser, one of the best flies out there! Tied on a big game Gamakatsu SL12S hook.

The gurgler is a great fly for in the salt. With its skipping and popping action it is perfect for practically all of the species in the salt. It works great and any colour and you order custom colours by email. Great on the pelagics and any other species that like to take flies from the surface! Tied on Mustad 34007 hook.


Tarpon Toad - 2/0
This renown gun fly for tarpon in the gulfs of mexico and Florida in the Untied states is also a hit on the Barramundi in the estuaries of northern, and southern, Australia. With its stiffer movement in the water than other flies, such as the pink thing, gives off a great action and most pleasurable for the fish! Get one today and you wont be disappointed! Tied on a Gamakatsu SL12S and very light bead chain eyes. 

This fly is the big dirty water nasty! Throw it in the dirty creek drains to tempt out those magnificent Barramundi or Salmon. It is also a deadly fly for in the billabongs and freshwater impoundments alike. Let it sink down those tree snags or fish it close to the surface for those waiting barra. Also works great on a wide range of other species. Tied on a Mustad 34007 hook.



The classic clouser minnow gets this fish in the toughest situations. I know its not the most modern pattern there is but its is simply one of the best patterns there is! Last time i checked the clouser had about 100 different species of fish under its belt! What other fly has that! Fish it slow, fish it fast. Fish it deep water or skinny water, doesnt matter how you fish it, it works. Anywhere, anytime! Tied on a Mustad 34007 hook.

3D - 2/0
This is my cversion of the 3D aka neer hair deceiver. A great slow sinking fly that is very affective on Barramundi. The thick body material creates a wide profile while in the water. Works well in clean and dirty water. Imitates most mullet baitfish that swim around the Aussie shores! Tied on a Mustad 34007 hook.

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