Liam with his Catch
Living in the Northern Territory and fishing all my life, I have a fair idea of what the fish like to eat. My father was a Pro fly fishing guide in the NT for 6 years I have had plenty of advice and tuition on my fishing life. When bait got boring, and lure just weren't doing it, I picked up the fly rod and had a go. Very soon I was into fly tying and tying flies of all sorts. I was on and off with fly fishing and soft plastics for months but then went on and all I do now is fish with a fly rod, I have not fished with a conventional rod in years. I was tying flies for Fishing and Outdoor World for quite a while and while on a road trip I committed on a plan for a fly tying business and when I got home I officially started what is now HD Flies. Oh, and, for those who didn't know, HD stands for "Hairy Dog" which is my nickname.