This hard bodied popper gives off a great action which is perfect for the freshwater billabongs and creeks for barramunddi and saratoga. Tied with a weedguard to drag it those annoying lillies where the big fish live!
The classic gurgler pattern tied with a weedguard especially for the lillies! Drag this through the lillies of the freshwater billabings and watch the results! It is great, there is nothing better when the sun is just coming up or going down and a big saratoga leaping like a great white shark and taking the fly! you would be stupid to not have this fly in your billabong kit! Tied on a Mustad 34007 hook.
      DAHLBERG DIVER - 2/0
The dahlberg diver originally being intended for American large-mouth bass is a supe fly over here in Australia for our iconic Barramundi and Saratoga. The popping and diving action, giving its name, is the ultimate on barra and togas! Tied with a weedguard to get it out of those pestering lillies in which the fish hide in but easy for the best hook up of all time! Tied on a Mustad 34007 hook.

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