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The classic clouser minnow gets this fish in the toughest situations. I know its not the most modern pattern there is but its is simply one of the best patterns there is! Last time i checked the clouser had about 100 different species of fish under its belt! What other fly has that! Fish it slow, fish it fast. Fish it deep water or skinny water, doesnt matter how you fish it, it works. Anywhere, anytime! Tied on a Mustad34007 hook.
The original permit crab fly but also is one of the best crab flies out there. Almost imitating every crab that you would find on classic sand and mud flats and even works great on gravel flats. Use it for permit, golden trevally, Blue bastards and a whole range of other species on the flats. Tied with grizzly hackle as claws gives it an amazing life-like action in the water that the fish just can't resist! Tied on a Mustad 34007 hook.

Always a great pattern to have in your box when you are fishing the flats! Imititating a small shrimp or crab that are always on the sand beaches and rocky outcrops. It comes tied with bead-chain eyes for that soft, non-spooking presentation on the water. Great for anywhere! Tied on a Mustad 34007 hook.

 HD's PRAWN - 1/0
I designed this pattern as a multi purpose prawn/sjrimp pattern. You can either fish it on the flats for golden trevally or up in the creeks for Threadfin salmon that are feeding on those little jelly prawns. It is a great all-round fly for basically any prawn imitation. The red eyes catch the fishes attention and the fish cant resist! Tied on a mustad 34007 hook.
The classic bonefish fly and also a great all rounder for the flats of Australia. Tied with dumbell eyes to get down to the bottom straight away. Great on Bream, Bass and of course the Bonefish. No flats fishermen shouldnt have at leats a couple of these in there box! Tied on a Mustad 34007 hook.

 A perfect shrimp imitation to throw to those tailing Golden Trevally or Permit. A great mix and blend of both natural and synthetic material make the fly durable and life like underwater. Tied on Gamakatsu SL12S 1/0 Hook.

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