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The deceiver is a great all round pattern. I tie this fly with UV epoxy coated head and stand-out silver eyes that grab the fishes attention. This fly fishes well just below the surface making it very effective on tuna and other big pelagic species. Simply, with the clouser, one of the best flies out there! Tied on a big game Gamakatsu SL12S hook.
The gurgler is a great fly for in the salt. With its skipping and popping action it is perfect for practically all of the species in the salt. It works great and any colour and you order custom colours by email. Great on the pelagics and any other species that like to take flies from the surface! Tied on Mustad 34007 hook.

The classic surf candy is the best representation of all the bay anchovies and other small baits that inhabit all the waters around Australia and the world! Throw it into a school of tuna and watch them climb over themselves to get it. If you want to catch that big tuna i suggest that you get one of these!. Tied on a Gamakatsu SL12S big game fly hook.

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