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Harbour Adventure! - December 6th

posted Dec 6, 2014, 5:48 AM by liam hatcher

Today, December 6th, we, Dad and I, snuck out into the harbour on good tides but unfortunately with the recent rain, the water was a bit dirty. It also didn't help having the full moon in phase which always make the Barramundi (Lates Calcarifus) go a bit funny in their mood. Nonetheless we did catch some nice fish even though they were undersized but it was still a good day out on the water. 

We started off early with the boat in the water before 8:00am and headed straight up to Bleeser's Creek near the Dinah Beach boat ramp in Darwin Harbour. The tide was still quite high but running out at pace. The Barra and Threadfin Salmon (Polydactylius macrochirlike to feed more productively on the bigger spring tides because it pushes all the baitfish and prawns out of the creek and then back up on the run in. 

We fished the mouth for a short time gazing along the shallow flats trying to spot fish but didn't have any luck because of the water being stired up from the recent rain. Up the creek, we went fishing the snake drains that flow out into the creek trying for Barramundi.

With the tide right, we zipped down to near the mouth of the creek where there is a big open drain that usually provides copious amounts of fish on right tides. Time passed and waiting at the drain for fish to show themselves did prove to be right. But, as Barra being as moody as they are, they didn't want to eat anything that we could tie on our lines. At one point, there were two nicely sized Barra pushing the legal size limit of 55cm swimming straight through schools of Mullet that lined the dirty water coloured shoreline. They were swimming through the shallow water turned on their side to avoid their belly scraping on the bottom (they often do this on the shallow flats). Countless amounts of casts were made right in front of their noses and not a single looker. They were in their funny mood.

Mullet school sitting on the edge of the shoreline.

As we waited for the tide to turn and come back in, we watched and casted in into the same drain we had been sitting on for well over an hour. Still no action. 

The tide finally turned and we decided to head back up the creek a little way to fish the other smaller drains for the Barra and Salmon we had been seeing rolling on schools of bait previously. There was noticeably a lot of Tarpon rollin on the bait schools as well. I had a chartreuse Clouser (Baitfish Patterns) tied on and the Tarpon (also known as the Oxeye Herring, Megalops Cyprinoides) didn't seem to take notice or was too big for the sized bait that they were feeding on. So I switched to a small Gotcha in Tan (Flats) to match the sized bait or prawn that they were feeding on. Cast after cast, I finally get a hook up and the fish starts jumping. It had to be a Tarpon for sure. As it got closer to the boat, it turned out to be a healthy little 36cm Barra. 
"Well would you look at that!" I said. A Barramundi caught on a Bonefish fly!

Not long after this little fella got in the boat, Dad hooked up on a nice fish while I was just putting the camera away (Typical!). A few nasty head shakes and spectacular aerial jumps later a very healthy 54.7cm (we predicted the 0.7 on the scale) Barramundi came to net. The fly was a pink Clouser tied with a tube body on the shank of the hook behind the eyes. It seemed special that we had got these fish on a full moon phase in which they normally don't eat!

Great day nonetheless!!

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The Crease Fly - I Undermined it..

posted Nov 22, 2014, 6:39 PM by liam hatcher

The Crease fly is a fly that i undermined previously and never tied many. I found i didn't have much use, but that has changed! To put them on the market ill tie a few and test them, if they catch fish they'll be on the list of products. When i have finished the testing process and I'm happy with the design, ill out them up for sale!

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